InfluxData is hiring

Hi Gophers,

I’m an engineer at InfluxData. Our whole platform is written in Go, including our entire time series database. We’re hiring for a number of position, all of which will involve either writing or reading a significant amount of Go code.

  • Core database engineer (Remote OK)
  • Tech evangelist (Remote possible)
  • Support engineer (Remote OK)
  • Tech writer (SF)

Full job descriptions and application forms can be found here:

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Hello Mr. Gunnar,

I have send you a PM.

Please check so that we can discuss further.

Best Regards,
Norman F

Hi Gunnar,

I have a couple of question. How experienced would one need to be with Go in for those roles, and also is this experience expected to be professionally? Since I’ve been using Go on side projects for over two years but professionally I work with PHP/JS/TS.

Thank you in advance,
Abdisamad Hashi

Hey @shaybix, None of the roles require professional Go experience. We’ve hired a number of devs who had no professional Go experience before joining InfluxData. That said, any Go development experience or serious interest in learning the language is a big plus since Go is an integral part of all of InfluxData’s products.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

I appreciate the quick response. Thank you.
Abdisamad Hashi

  1. Aug 2017 18:33 by

Hi Gunnar,

Are you looking for hiring Interns in the Engineering team over the summers of 2018?
I would be more than happy to discuss internship opportunities.

Kshitij Saraogi

We do not yet have our internship plans figured out for summer 2018 yet. If you keep an eye out for an internship job posting on our careers page in a couple months.

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What countries, available for remote. Im GMT-5