Import "reflect" is a program, not an importable package

Need help. Everytime I run a program I get this message “import “reflect” is a program, not an importable package”.
Im pretty new to Go and im struggle to find a solution.

Please show us the code that produces this message.

It says it everytime I run a program and I get that message. but if you want the code it’s:

C:\Go\src\fmt\print.go:11:2: import “reflect” is a program, not an importable package

Everytime I try to make another program and try to run it in terminal I get that message

Do you have anything named reflect that could shadow the reflect package?

How did you install Go?

I don’t think so, but I downloaded it from . I’ve tried to uinstall it and reinstall it, but I get the same problem every time

Download Go from the official page:

But this is a Go IDE, not Go itself.

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