Images (diagrams, svg or drawio images) in godoc?

Is it possible to embed diagrams in godoc ? how can I document the user flows ?

My need is the following: I want to document both what this data structures does, in the file where it is defined, and also talk about the usage flows in which this data structure is used. Bear in mind that this is a complex data structures, with many (more than 5) usage flows.

Perhaps there is a tool build on top of godoc which allows me to achieve this ? Or perhaps I can use ascii art/some format to achieve this goal ?

Has anyone found a way to document flow diagrams with godoc ?

That sounds like it might be better suited by a or something along those lines. Godoc is great for documenting your code, but it doesn’t have to be the only documentation in your project. For example, the go repo itself has a godoc as well as which expands on a lot of concepts and contains blog posts, etc.

lame, this really is a stab in the back. Why on earth do you develop a programming language, yet your godoc utility does not support diagrams, and you need to open 2 documentation sources to somehow mentally combine them ?

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