I'm very new to programming I came from an IT background

I want to learn go. I’ve been ready a lot of books. None of them are making sense to me right now. What’s the best way to learn Go programming? I need help desperately. I want to learn it so I can switch career.

I tend to learn things by writing little programs. Trying to do something specific helps me figure out how things work and gives me context for what I am learning.

Since you have an IT background, one way to go is converting an existing script you use to Go, or writing a new one. Just take something you need to do anyway and do it with Go.

The main piece of advice I have is to always check your errors. My article https://pocketgophers.com/error-checking-while-prototyping/ describes a good way of doing so, especially for little programs you write for yourself.

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A concrete answer to this is hard because learning Go and learning to program are two different things. My best advice for learning to program in general is just to write a lot of programs. It doesn’t matter if you start off very small, you just need to write a lot of code before you start to get good at it. No amount of courses or reading will make up for this.

You will also want some resources so you can start learning new things and writing more complicated programs. Below are a couple articles that I feel do a pretty good job of listing out resources available for beginners. Hopefully you can find some books, courses, or videos in there that you find helpful.

Disclaimer - I wrote the one at calhoun.io

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Oh, and when you have questions, come back and ask them.

The more specific the question, the better we can help answer it. It is also extremely helpful to tell us what you are trying to do, and how you tried to do it.

Code is the best way to tell us how. If your code doesn’t work, post it anyway. Tell us what you want it to do and what it is actually doing.

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I also come from a systems engineering background, I’ve been working in that field for 20 years. However as time goes by I’m realizing “it’s all about the app”.

My bit of advice to you is to start off with some of the videos on Pluralsite, they are pretty decent. I’ve also seen some other folks around here recommend this site:


According to it’s sales pitch it avoids many of the common tutorial pitfalls. I had some experience in PHP quite a few years ago, and Go is NOT like PHP!

If you have the ability too, I would recommend some intro classes in computer science at your local community college. There are some fundamental things like error handling that are hard to learn and understand on your own (at least I found)

The key to success however is don’t give up, spend lots of time reviewing what you’re doing. I’ve watched the same videos 3 and 4 times to understand their concepts. It won’t come fast, but it will come you just have to stick with it.


I am python developer now slowly learning the Go too mainly because of it’s concurrency features. Though I have good enough experience with other programming like php and python. I found the learning curve of Go bit higher than it was for me when shifting to python from php. As like the answer above stick to it regularly and slowly the things will be clear.

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