I'm Newbie in go language.. but I have a dream for make apps using go . I want to make app chat end to end using go.. how can I do that

  1. How can I make app chat end to end
  2. How can I make app chat end to publick using Publish subscribe

I and many others here would love to help you, but what you are asking is way too broad for us to provide too much help.

Are you asking for resources to study from and learn about web development?

Or do you know enough web development and simply want resources talking about websockets or a similar tech to push new messages to clients?

Assuming you are completely new to programming (based on the post) I doubt you will find a single resource that teaches all of this. Instead I would look for resources that teach web development and get familiar with that. Once you are, maybe try to create a chat application that doesn’t work in realtime, but works if you refresh the page to see new messages.

After that you can look into websockets and a little bit of javascript so that you can add the realtime component to your application.

My point is that you will need to gradually work your way there. It won’t be an overnight thing. But you can get there, it just takes practice.

Now if you want resources specific to web development, or really any other topic I’m happy to share some with you. Or if you want to ask a specific question about something you are learning someone here would happily help you. But we can’t easily just tell you how to go from 0 to building a chat app in a single post. At least not in detail.

Hope that helps!


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