IDE setup for go project

I want to explore making some changes to the go project itself (

I can’t get Intellij to quite work in this context - I have tried working on /usr/local/go directly as well as in a separate copy if the go repo within GOPATH, yet in both cases Intellij will not resolve imported dependencies properly (if I change a builtin package - say ‘fmt’ - and then want to use those changes elsewhere, Intellij shows lots of errors as it seems to be using the installed package rather that my modified version). Building the code itself is OK.

So my question, what IDE / what setup do people normally use to develop within the go project?

Hi. It is matter of personal preference. I use VStudio Code but I know some guys use Notepad++, SublimeText, JetBarins GoLand, VIM, LiteIDE…

To emphasis, I am asking about the setup for development on the go project itself (
For general go development I am aware there are many possible solutions, but I have no problems with my current setup.

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