I started building a new Go course: Concurrency Deep Dive

Hi Fellow Gophers,

I am happy to share the news about my current project with you. I have started building a new course, “Go Concurrency Deep Dive”. The course focuses on concurrency only and assumes basic Go language knowledge.


Why do I build this course? Well, Go certainly has one of the best approaches to concurrency. Goroutines and channels are simple but powerful language features that take quite some complexity out of concurrent programming.

However, concurrent programming is intrinsically much harder than “sequential” programming. Concurrent activities do not follow a strict and determined sequence of execution. Distinct threads of execution have to communicate asynchronously with each other if they want to exchange data.

If not done properly, concurrent programming can result in anything from apps not becoming any faster to data races, deadlocks, or wrong computation results that go undetected.

So I decided to build an online video course that shall help Go developers to see where the difficulties and hidden pitfalls are and to learn useful patterns and best practices that help approaching the challenges of concurrent programming.

Right now there is only a wait list available, but if you sign up, you can get the course at a generous discount when the beta launches.

Speaking of beta, I’ll publish the course in the very near future as a work in progress, and I plan to add lectures every week.

Thanks for reading that far :slight_smile:



The image with diving gophers looks really cool :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:

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