I need help with GOPATH problem/Go install problem

I am following this tutorial, but got this error message on command line.

Sean:web_app storytellor$ go install web_app
can’t load package: package web_app: cannot find package “web_app” in any of:
/usr/local/go/src/web_app (from $GOROOT)
/Users/storytellor/go/src/web_app (from $GOPATH)

Sean:web_app storytellor$ go install
go install: no install location for directory /Users/storytellor/golang/goinaction/web_app outside GOPATH
For more details see: ‘go help gopath’

Could anyone tell me what the problem is? Thank you

Which tutorial? Do you have a link?

Please run these commands to show us the values of your GOROOT and GOPATH environment variables:

echo $GOROOT
echo $GOPATH

Let us know what the commands print. Also, are you on Linux or MacOS?

Check the installation instructions (which are on the Go website download page) to make sure you’ve set GOROOT and GOPATH correctly.

Operating System?
can you run “go env” and send us the result? Can you check if the folders exists?


It’s a book.

Perhaps you could tell us which book? It’s hard to help you without context.

I can see “goinaction” is part of your path there, maybe @goinggodotnet (one of the authors) can help you :slight_smile:

@jayts was on the right track with his questions.

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