I need help building a charity website (taskrabbit.com)

Hello goers!

After seven years of working as a chef, I am coming back to coding. I am delighted and watching Go long time now (although I haven’t written any code) as it’s made from folks like Thompson and Pike, my Unix idols and inspirations.

We have an idea with a friend, creating a website similar to taskrabbit.com, to match people in need with volunteers (based on location and time schedule) and we want to open source it as well. I 've no big experience in Web Developing though (although I’ve been doing Assembly/C and some Python years ago).

Learning online JS/HTML/CSS but I want a really simple sceleton and I thought I could do that with Go/MySQL and Flask? Somebody who could give me some structure and help me go further with that project (well teaching my self the ins and outs)? Or even a mentor would be more than welcomed!

Thank you for your time.

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