I need big help connect from proxy

Hello, please try to help me… please i need it.
It’s my connect, to game server, but it’s going from my IP adress i need to connect with socks 5 proxy how can i do it ?
LINK code: http://hastebin.com/uqinixezis.go
for i := 0; i < *count; i++ {
fmt.Printf("# laczenie %d: %s\n", i+1)
other, err := net.Dial(“tcp”, *target)
if err != nil {
fmt.Printf("# blad %d: %s\n", i+1, err.Error())
time.Sleep(time.Duration(*delay) * time.Millisecond) i-- continue }
otherWriter := bufio.NewWriter(other)
// Handshake
writeVarInt(packetbuf, 0x00)
writeVarInt(packetbuf, protocolVersion)
writeShort(packetbuf, *port)
writeVarInt(packetbuf, 2)

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