I made a cute Golang Gopher Plush


Ever since I discovered Go a few years ago, I wanted to do more things in Go. I love creating things in Go. I have a website and other things I want to create. To help me do that more, I figured, why not create something people can buy related to Go, which in turn would support me in building these things in Go. Basically a win-win. And so, I created a plush (which is a variation based on the Go mascot designed by Renee French). After a lot of time and money invested, I have now launched: https://gopher.golangmarket.com/ .

I wanted to go beyond just doing a normal plush, which is why it also has a hole for a phone there. I’m creative like that. :slight_smile: And, included is a small piece to cover the hole up when not used. Now, others wanted one without a hole, so I will do one without a hole if this one sells well too.

Being grateful that people supported me so far, I’m also working on smaller things, like doing a little Gopher platformer game. This means, that you would also get this with the plush later on. Since I want to give back, it will probably be 2 versions. One basic I give away for free to the Go community, and one paid version (but free for people getting the plush).

I made a short clip of the game a while back: https://vid.me/T1gr
Keep in mind that this is VERY early stage. Things will change. Most likely change up the graphics too. I do plan to make it a bit different and not just “yet another platformer” game, so the game will hopefully be a bit more fun when I’ve worked on it some more.

Let me know what you think about this entrepreneurial move, and if you have questions or something to discuss. Ideas for the game are welcome too. :slight_smile:



According to the link I’ve pasted below, the plush gopher is a copyrighted design, which you seem to be exploiting for personal profit.

I’m not a lawyer, but I would guess this might not be ok with the copyright holder.


In fact, the Gopher images are licensed under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attributions license.

You probably refer to

The vinyl and plush gophers are copyrighted designs; accept no substitutes! But how can you get one? Their natural habitat is near high concentrations of Go programmers, and their worldwide population is growing. They may be purchased from the Google Store, although the supply can be irregular.

But if you try to find a ‘gopher’ in the store, you get no results. So were can you get some?

IANAL, but that copyright does not cover all plush gophers, only that design.


Yup, I think the OP would need to check with a lawyer on copyright law with regard to their plush design. As mentioned by @lutzhorn, it is only the images that are licensed under CC 3.0.

I’ve involved Google (Rob Pike, Renee French and someone called Andrew) from the beginning. Asking them about using this design as a plush, so they are fully aware. There has been nothing about violating anything, which is what I set out to make sure from the start, which is also why it’s a bit different than the original Gopher plush.

Basically they seemed fine with this being “in the spirit” of the original as long as I gave Renee credit (which I certainly don’t mind doing). And also, I’m open to anything else that I might need to correct.


And also, I’ve send them the link to the store when I opened it some week ago, just to make them aware and also see if I missed something. I haven’t heard anything back. So, I’m certainly trying to do the right thing here.

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