I like the "good behavior" nudges

The welcome message and overall new user experience seems to be trying hard to induce good behavior. Very nice.

I suppose we could modify the banner to include a prominent link to a CoC, too.

So far, so good.


Replying, just to try. :slight_smile:

Ohh look at that, I can edit. :sunglasses:

Oh I don’t like that the : ) smiley turns into a full blown laugh :slight_smile:

Seems to work :smile:

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Should our CoC be hosted on the site in the FAQ/Guidelines page (linked to as “FAQ” though) or should we just link to an external one?

A test reply, because I can! Does this get displayed threaded under your comment?
Edit: No it does not…, that might get a bit confusing.

It gets displayed in both places. Where it’s not threaded under her comment, there’s a link to the comment you’re replying to.

Very interesting. The threading relationships are retained, but the default presentation is flattened, sorted by time.

And clicking on the “See below” arrows highlights the reply post:

Oooh - nice - pasting in an imgur URL loads the image!

(removed http from imgur link - “New users cannot post messages with images”)

Testing from my iPhone.

I love the good behavior nudges as well! It brings to mind the message the old nn usenet client used to display when you were posting to usenet:

“This program posts news to thousands of machines throughout the entire civilized world. Your message will cost the net hundreds if not thousands of dollars to send everywhere. Please be sure you know what you are doing. Are you absolutely sure that you want to do this? [y/n]”

I always thought that was so great. Wonderful idea.

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I cannot find a thumb up for the title of this forum so here goes a hand up…


found it upon editing :smile:

thanks for this new slick forum guys.