I implemented simple widgets for my GUI project, but I feel like there's a much better way to do this


I have the following Window/Widget structs:

 Window struct {
         Children  []*Widget

 Widget struct {
         X, Y int
         Parent     *Window
         Type       WidgetType

         OnKeyPress func(KeyEvent)

         This interface{} // This is very ugly, I think

TextBox struct {
    Text string

And in my event processing code I have:

for _, child := range window.Children {
         if child.Type == TextBox && child.IsFocused() {
                 child.This.(*TextBox).Text += string(char)

This works but feels really wrong. Is there a better way to do this?


You may get some inspiration from how it is solved in this project

https://github.com/andlabs/ui/blob/master/control.go defines an interface Control and a struct ControlBase implementing this interface. And then is the interface used on every place where you would have several different types of controls in a slice for example.

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