I feel like gitlab.com is cheating us

I am trying to create a project/repo, and for some reason it does not recognize my credentials. Then I try to google about this remote: The project you were looking for could not be found or you don't have permission to view it. error, and surprise: their official documentation is tens of pages long !

Really, are those people out of touch with reality ? Do they expect me to read so many pages just to use their product ? Did none of their employees ever thought about simplifying their documentation ?

I can only think about a new junior developer: instead of learning to code algorithms and data structures, she or he will be forced to spend precious hours studying such technologies that are not his immediate interest. It seems like an act of cruelty from this company. They have the manpower to add new functionality, but they are not able to make simple tutorials and examples. Without being impolite, I find this insulting towards their users.

If anyone knows a replacement to gitlab that is more user friendly (and cares about its users) please recommend it here. If you are working on a pet project that could somehow compete with their product, I can volunteer some of my time.

Uhhh. Github.com perhaps? :slight_smile: If you want an OS project that is more of a fledgling, check out Gitea.

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GitHub has different password for users and apps. That is, an app connecting to GitHub cannot use a user’s password but instead has to supply a separate access token.

I would guess GitLab has a similar separation, which might explain the error message.

I’m using both GitHub.com and GitLab.com (in my company we’re switching to it because of some enterprise feature we want to use) and never had problem creating a repository.

Are you trying to create a repo from the User Interface or using API? can you give us more details?

Ahhh, you can always go back to Github.com? But you will be guaranteed feel the pain with their Github Action (GitLab CI & dev-ops are far more flexible and quite deadly).

If you got any spare endpoint (phone, laptop, desktop, single-board computer, high-end router, etc), you can always go for Gitea for self-hosting.

As far as I know, Gitea does not have CI. It relies on external services.

It’s short already. Try read SDIO, USB technical specification, or goHugo source codes, and etc you will then feel the true pain.

At least GitLab has the decency to document everything. If you complain about reading long documents that are keyword searchable is a problem, it only tells you’re definitely on the wrong path.

This is part of the industry that school does not teach: version control, infrastructure maintenance, supply chain management, and debugging skill. You will be a laughing stalk if you can’t even manage git and its GVCS and while you’re in computer science. It’s not even a junior/senior thing.

This looks like a namespace issue. I have a feeling your local repository is tracking a wrong upstream. Try read .git/config to verify the matter and if you found any bug: repairing it and retry your push.

Otherwise, cross-check the namespace (can be <user>/<project>, <group>/<project> or <group>/{<sub-group>}/<project>) and the communications protocol (git or https) on the remote side and see are they matching the local .git/config.

Example, say your .git/config:

[remote "origin"]
	url = git@github.com:holloway/demo.git
	fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*

You must have these links available for your git:


inside your remote repository:


Considering how many of us had been “leeching” their free-tier facilities over the last 10 years, I strongly disagree. Nothing is free in this world. After the IPO, they have to answer to public investors. The free user shedding is expected since long time ago and is being executed in the next 2 months onward.

If you’re here venting your frustration with the upcoming pricing changes that can severely affect many of your repositories that are not resistant to vendor-changes business threat, I can understand your pain. However, let’s keep this forum civil.

Side-note: I’m a long long time GitLab user and never meet a problem you mentioned. The reason I switch to GitLab is not because of MSFT drama but back in time, GitHub charges for private repository per repo per month.

The 2 problems I’m facing are:

  1. GitLab is their new upcoming Q2’2022 pricing strategy and I fully understand why they did those drastic changes after reading through their recent fiscal report. The new pricing makes no sense after currency conversion, especially post-pandemic.
  2. The need to self-host a GVCS because I’m dealing with trade-secret level data on my side. Not exactly the data you want to store onto any 3rd-party endpoints (and GitLab allows self-hosting and as far s I know, new pricing strategy does not affects it).

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