I am new to Go and want to learn the concurrecny features in depth

It’s been few weeks I have started to learn Go. For now I have cleared all the basics of Go like creating the slices and maps and struct.

Most importantly the basic concurrency concepts too like creating channels and buffered channels. What is the best way or some great example resources for learning and making the real time usage of concurrency in Go.

I am also newby in the eco-system of GO but I am trying to make project every day. Trying to understand the real eco-system of GO is very important that is why I starded with this web site.https://gobyexample.com/

Have you taken the go tour? There is a section on concurrency:


The tour finishes with a concurrent web crawler.

As a side note, please don’t spend too much time on gobyexample. It is essentially unmaintained and many of the examples are bad or misleading.

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