Huma v2.13.0 Released

I’ve released Huma v2.13.0 Huma is a micro-framework for building web APIs that includes a lot of useful features:

  • Generates always-up-to-date OpenAPI 3.1/3.0 automatically (easily generate CLI/SDK clients)
  • Built-in validation using JSON Schema tags
  • Router agnostic (use whatever router you want, including Go 1.22’s http.ServeMux)
  • Type-safe handlers use structs for all inputs/outputs
  • Client-driven content negotiation support for various formats (JSON/CBOR/etc)
  • Optional CLI/configuration
  • Optional automatic PATCH operation generation
  • Optional Server Sent Events & streaming support

As of this latest release, Huma has zero hard dependencies outside of the Go standard library. It is small, fast, and efficient. :tada:

Check out the beginner-friendly tutorial at

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Hi Daniel,

I haven’t used this yet, but I have been reading your code for a while. I really appreciate how well document and structured the project is. I have been able to learn a lot on Go from your code-base, so a huge thanks to you.

I am planning to build a CRUD app for a small client next month, I intend to finally give HUMA a try in real project.

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