http2 help on go1.6

I must be doing something stupid, but I can not get http2 to work on my server after upgrading go to 1.6. I am doing some custom things with my TLS connections so I tried to mess with that a bit, until…

go get


Connecting to
Connected to
Negotiated protocol "h2"
The handle is invalid.

The same errors for connection to and my own test server.
go version go1.6 windows/amd64

When testing a TLS site without http2 support the message is as expected:

Connecting to
Connected to
Negotiated protocol ""
Could not negotiate protocol mutually

You might be running into this bug in the 1.6 release if using http2 in a client?

If not perhaps try golang nuts for more help

Thanks for your help, the patch does not solve my problems directly, or fix h2i, but at least I got a http2 client that I can test with.

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