Http server, router & session management advice

This is the first opinion question I have asked rather than purely technical which maybe means I’m starting to move out of the newbie phase… or just going into a new one!

Anyway, with the application I am building my primary concern is being able to handle a high volume of transactions (http requests) with each request being completed within a fix amount of time.

With this I started looking at combinations of http servers, routers and session management and I’m kind of lost as to a good choice as there are a lot of options. For example:

  • httprouter seems to blindingly fast and works with the standard http package but has no session management afaict;
  • Gin seems to have a package that’s made to give it session management but I’m not sure about compatibility;
  • and Beego seems to do just about everything you could want and I’m not sure if it’s more than I would want as I am not going the route of using an orm and so on;
  • and there’s perhaps a half a dozen more.

I know this very subjective and that perhaps people mostly, and perhaps rightly, will not want to push too much on any one direction but if someone has some real world experience on picking a direction that’s reasonably safe from hitting a “gotcha” and for that matter just getting down to an option and moving forward I would very much appreciate the advice.

Update: It looks like I don’t have to be concerned about something supporting sessions since if I just use a go middleware pattern I can add in sessions, authentication and so on. At this point, if no one chimes in I think I’ll run with Echo.

Neither Go nor your operating system (assuming Mac, Windows or Linux) are capably to build/run real time software. You have to overthink this requirement or choose an environment that is capable of hard real time.

I can’t say anything about the different frameworks though, for all HTTP server stuff I had to do with go so far, the built-in stuff just worked for me.

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