Hi guys ,
We have designed a small spring initializr kind of tool that lets you download boilerplate code in golang.
This is in its initial phase and I intend to make it open source.
I am not a pro golang developer so sorry for any silly mistakes .Feel free to give any kind of review here or add an issue in github . We need user reviews to make it better so even a small review will mean a lot for me. This might not be the appropriate platform for this so sorry again. But pls give your feedback

What does this tool do that go mod does not do?

And do you plan to serve this over HTTPS?

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@lutzhorn This will give you a boilerplate code and lets you select package for your application from a list of open source packages .It also comes with some basic examples . For a rest application we are planning to allow user to select logging framework , database , testing

Yes I will serve this on HTTPS . this is helpful go beginners .this is helpful for those who are new to go and does not want to get into hassle of creating a codebase from scratch.

I would suggest beginners to start from scratch, not by using a framework. And then they started to understand how go http ecosystem works, they can use whatever they desire with fully understanding how they work. Apart from this, thanks for sharing it.


@kync thanks for your comment . You are right . My objective here is to save time for someone who wants to use golang for their application by providing some pre-setup .Optional support for docker , kubernetes, makefile etc. Although these are simple things but I believe this will save some time .

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The web site downloads assets totalling 6.65 MB. The single file alone is 5.99 MB large. Are you sure all this is needed?

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No Its not needed . I guess I forgot to remove unused modules :upside_down_face: I am new to angular and designed this in a single day so a lot of work needs to be done on UI.

This is what I get when I am trying to download a zip:

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hey @jabbson try now .

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Access to XMLHttpRequest at '' from origin '' has been blocked by CORS policy: Response to preflight request doesn't pass access control check: No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource.```
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@shub-asa1 hey, there is project called jhipster, you can copy something from it, or even integrate golang as a backend instead of Java. Overall JHI is a great project, I use it. As I remember, somebody already tried to make something similar with go.

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@vitaliy-kuzmich Thanks for comment. 1. I know about jhipster and sure copying things from jhipster will help but golang is different than java . 2. Our backend is designed on golang . 3. if you know someone who already tried this in golang pls let me know. I am sure I can learn something from it and improvise our application.

I’m worried this isn’t helpful for Go beginners, to be very open. You’re depriving them of their ability to learn about the Go ecosystem, and how to tie these different Go components together, by building it for them. There’s a quote I think applies here:

It’s about the journey, and not the destination.

Another way said, the journey of building the boilerplate and learning how it works is where the real value is… not the final solution you come up with. It may be good to target this to Go developers who have learned these things, but please give beginners the opportunity to understand how all of this works versus abstracting it away from them.

I personally loathe Java for the abstractions it puts in front of developers, and the stuff it hides. So I’m a proponent of not doing that / Springboot type stuff.


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