HTTP API skeleton

Hi everyone!

I’ve spent some time writing a skeleton repo for HTTP API services here GitHub - jonmol/http-skeleton. This project was born out of my own need to streamline the development process and avoid repetitive boilerplate code. It utilizes gorilla/mux for routing, viper/cobra for configuration, and comes with a simple Prometheus middleware for instrumentation, graceful shutdown, lint configuration, and a few more things.

My hope is that it could be useful to more people, but I’m facing a bit of a dilemma – the code is ready, but I’m unsure about spending a lot of time on documentation and tutorials without knowing if it’s going to be useful for others.

So, my solution to that is doing a bit of targeted screaming, here for instance.

One thing it currently lacks is code review, any input would be appreciated. Both for improving the skeleton and for learning.

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