Html 5 date input into MySQL statement

Hello all,

I have run into a problem. I have my go code posting out the html from a static query done in the go portion of the code. It runs pretty quick now but I have added a calendar into the html side and am having an issue posting information from the calendar selection back to the go code.

Here is the portion of the MySql statement that i would like to change.

SUM(CASE WHEN foo_agent_log.user IS NULL THEN 0 ELSE 1
AND event_time >= ‘2018-04-21 00:00:00’ AND event_time <= ‘2018-04-21 23:59:00’ END)
FROM foo
ORDER by full_name asc

The BOLD items in the query are what i am trying to change.

Im still pretty new to golang I haven’t placed all the code here as i am not sure of the space limitation to a question. Thank you for any help.

arg the html didn’t come through. let me try another way.

>         <form>
>         <b>Begining Date:</b>
>         <input type="date" id="Bdate" name={{.BDate}}  size="20" />
>         <b>End Date:</b>
>         <input type="date" id="Edate" name={{.EDate}}   size="20" />
>         <input type="button" value="Submit" name="B1"></p>
>         </form>

I think very important here is to see how do you wanna store the data because this is what is causing a
problem (at last this is how I understand it).
I would suggest to paste it on gist otherwise it will be difficult to track the issue.

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