How would you train for the senior Go developer technical interviews?

I would like to find a new job as a senior software developer, specialized on Golang & Kubernetes tech stack.

What should I study / repeat so that I do good in interviews ? Can you give me any poitners ?

So far I have created a sample micro service, just brush up on the basics. Then I ran out of ideas.

Being a senior requires expertice from previous work. What Go related work did you do in the past? How did you do it? What is your style of work an teamwork? These are the interesting questions.

On a similar note, how do you prepare for an online coding interview (a 2 hour task which requires you to solve 3-4 problems) ?

Dear @lutzhorn,

I am sorry to contradict your opinion, but I have to. Just because previous experience, teamwork, code quality, etc - are things that matter in daily worklife of a programmer… it does not mean that we should not prepare for interviews, of that companies should stop giving interviews to vet out the fakers.

I am asking for advice to achieve a goal, you basically come and say a different goal is also important and bring no answer to my initial question.

Your question:

What should I study / repeat so that I do good in interviews ? Can you give me any poitners ?

implies that there’s something you can study in order to do well in the interview for a senior Go developer. I think that Lutz’s point is that in addition to questions about technical ability that you might be able to practice for, they’re going to ask about end-to-end project and leadership experience that you can’t just study for. You have to have either already done it at a previous job, or be able to show how you, as a mid-level developer, went above and beyond.

Building a sample web application is a good start to demonstrate your technical ability. Copies of project plans, ERDs, process flows you came up with are good backing material and good reputable references should get you far.


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