How to write struct to csv?

I have a struct consisting of a series of strings.
I wish to write the struct values to file using the csv package like so.

From what I can gather 
``` writer.Write()
takes a slice.
My question is what is the correct/best/idiomatic way to move the contents of the struct into a slice, or is there a different/better/easier approach to achieve this?

start here:

package main

 import (


func main() {
    data := struct {
	    First  string
	    Second string
	    Third  string

    s := make([]string, 0)
    for _, v := range structs.Values(data) {
	    s = append(s, v.(string))
    fmt.Printf("%#v\n", s)
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For a fixed, known struct, the straightforward and type-safe way is to write a struct method that turns each field into a string and returns a slice of these strings that a csv.Writer will accept.

If you want to write a generic function that can convert all kinds of structs into a slice of strings, then you need to use reflection - see @clbanning’s answer.

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