How to use token with Mux API

I am programming an API with mux and I wanted to use a token for my API. How to do it ?

What kind of token, JWT? Something else?

I want to use a bar token

I’ve never heard of this. What is a ‘bar token’? Can you provde a link to some information? And what do you mean by ‘using’ it? Does such a token contain authentication information? Something else?

I was looking an old tutorial about API authentication… I think JWT is the most used methods. Bar token was just a generated token Wich was send in the body but it isn’t enough secure.

While not exactly the answer to your question, an article I just published does show how to use a session token in an oauth2 header for authentication of an API -

I recommend to first read about JWT. Then take a look a the jwt-go library. I’ve written down a short example for how I was able to generate and verify a JWT using this library.

Only after you understand about JWT in general and how it generated and validated you should think about how it is integrated into a HTTP service.



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