How to use string templates in a template?

Hello everyone

I do not know Go but need to adapt a Golang template file for my needs. The problem I am struggling is is how to create a variable which would be the effect of applyting values to a string template.

Specifically, I have $network.IP defined (its value is and would like to create a new variable $host which would be This means that the template is http://<here comes the value>:555.

I tried all kind of incantations of

 {{ $host := {{ $network.IP | printf "http://%q:555" }} }}

but always get

2020/01/23 13:57:32 Unable to parse template: template: caddy.templ:8: unexpected "{" in command

How to approach this?

I think I found the solution:

{{ $host := printf "http://%s" $network.IP }}

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