How to use retry properly on aws sdk go v2 sts

I have this function that should check for the credentials set under .aws/credentials but its not working so i tried to add use some retry functions but its still not working, the credentials are set good because if i make the aws sts get-caller-identity without running this function is working, what could be wrong with my code that the retry is not working?

ctx := context.TODO()

        cfg, err := config.LoadDefaultConfig(ctx, config.WithRegion("eu-central-1"))
        if err != nil {
            log.Fatalf("failed to load configuration, %v", err)
        client1 := sts.NewFromConfig(cfg)

        customRetry := retry.NewStandard(func(o *retry.StandardOptions) {
            o.MaxAttempts = 60

        identity, err3 := client1.GetCallerIdentity(ctx, &sts.GetCallerIdentityInput{}, func(o *sts.Options) {
                o.Retryer = customRetry
        if err3 != nil {
    log.Printf("Account: %s, Arn: %s", aws.ToString(identity.Account), aws.ToString(identity.Arn))