How to use log level debug when creating go build?

go build

is there any way to make build with debug or info level ?

What do you mean by “building with debug or info level”? Do you expect more verbose printing on the terminal? Try -v -flag, do you mean debug symbols? I don’t know how go deals with that, I’m doing printf-style debugging ever since.

Do you mean anything else? Just read go help build and try to find what you need or alternatively ask a more detailed question.

Thanks, NobbZNorbert Melzer for fast relpy

go build -v is not working.

i want to see what is going inside, when we are executing go build command.

logs for go build

When doing -v what do you see instead? If there is nothing to compile it wont print anything, as it only prints package names that get compiled.

But after a second read, I think -n is the actual flag you are asking for, but I never took a closer look to this.

So far I rarely really needed something other than plain go build.

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