How to use googollee/ with gin gonic

So i want to know how to have and use it with gin gonic

package main

import (
func main() {
    r := gin.Default()
    r.GET("/ping", socketioFunc)
    r.Run() // listen and serve on (for windows "localhost:8080")

func socketioFunc(c *gin.Context) {
	c.JSON(200, gin.H{
		"message": "pong",

Is this working? If not, what does not work?

Hello, the code is mising becouse i don’t know how yo implement .

There are examples for how to use Maybe it is possible to register a socket-io Server with Gin as it is done with http.Handle in the example. But this would happen in main, not in socketioFunc.

Yeah, but i have to used it with gin gonic and has to be in anotehr function

Good luck.

Meaning: “I have to” will probably not be enough to convince the libraries to do something (what exactly?) they are not designed for.

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