How to use Go Forum code examples according with the license - commercial or non-commercial

Hello. I am a programmer and now I learn Go. While my knowledge is good enough, I will create commercial applications, I mean I am going to normally work as a programmer in an non-open source (closed source software, that will be sold).

My question is: am I allowed to potentially use knowledge from to work as I descibed above?

Could You explain what is the business model or allowed usage of info from this Forum if commercial job offers are placed here?

Do all developers using this site write Go for open source?

Could You please make it clear?

Best Regards


That’s a good question. User content is licensed as stated in the TOS: (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

This was surprising to me as it forbids commercial use. I suspect this is standard boilerplate from somewhere as it seems draconian for a developer forum.

I suspect many or most developers here are involved in commercial development, at least in addition to open source. Apparently no code from here can be used in such an environment. I doubt anyone has noticed or cared.

(I’m not affiliated with the forum, I just follow the “About” links in the menu.)


Very good point. Indeed, the forum could be more permisive because if someone share some code here is supposed he want to share it with everybody whatever purposes of the other party (commercial or not). From my point of view, while you publish a code in a public place your code became part of public domain and must be free or at least usable. However, even you can’t use the examples “as is” you can implement the idea in our own way.

Maybe someone from forum staff can explain more about the reason of this restriction.


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