How to use go code in Android

How to use go code in Android

Reuse go code as a shared object in Android.

He has asked the very same question on the rust user forum as well, perhaps we can gain some additional insights from the discussion theere?

Does my question was wrong ? Or no one knows the answer

Sorry, forgot to paste the link:

If you have answer reply. Don’t trace me

I’m not tracing, I’m just trying to shed some light on your vague question, also its just that I am a reader in both boards.

You said you want to reuse objects over there in the rust forum. But what exactly do you mean by that?

Do you have some server that sends objects via a defined protocol? Is it that you have two programs on mobile that shall share data?

It is very simple idea. If I write any code in rust or bilang which I can use as a shared object inside android. Then it will be useful fir us . We can use same code in desktop or web app too.

This is not attitude. I kept my concern.

It probably is not the answer to your question…

My way to write an android application in GOLANG is use QT QML .

backed the application is written in GOLANG.
frontend QML and JS.

Thanks for your answer.

We can create shared library in rust. It will create .so file like ( dll )

we can load in android


public class MyNativeActivity extends {

static {



if we use QML and js . we have to use web view on android. which we want to avoid.

This is a cool tutorial about qml

this is the example of the qml golang bridge

This is great … but understands that everyone needs something else.
suspect you’re right.

I do not know that qml uses WebView. Maybe for rendering and js.

You can load components via http or statically.

sorry for my english … I better understand the code :slight_smile:

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