How to upload video file in Minio. Any links can help

How to upload video file in Minio. Any links can help. If possible links with examples

Are you trying to upload a video as an object into an Amazon S3 (or compatible) bucket? If so, I found a page here that I think is for the API you want:

On there, I found a PutObject” method which I think will do what you want, unless I misunderstood what you’re looking for.

i am trying to get a video from another site and download it to minio. there is follow link on site:

src="/images/videouploads/videohls/blogs/014b7d0150fb84df114af203a31f4454_org/playlist.m3u8" type=“application/x-mpegURL”

link to resource :

how can i do this. pls if you have any examples on this topic, you would help me a lot

What exactly are you looking for? The link I sent has an example of how to get a *minio.Client and then the documentation of the client’s PutObject method to upload a file to the bucket.

I looked around for a 32-bit version of MinIO server (my laptop is a ~15 year old 32-bit Dell Inspiron) and then copied the example out of the first link I provided. I got stuck on the next step of accessing the video you provided. It is an m3u playlist for different video resolutions broken down by bitrate. The entries in the playlist are themselves m3u files of 4-second clips of a specific resolution and I think the idea is that as the watcher’s Internet bandwidth varies, the video player can change resolutions to match the bandwidth (or, I suspect, you could select an explicit bit rate). I found GitHub repositories such as and that should let you parse the m3u files to access the individual videos. You could then use a program such as ffmpeg (or perhaps there are Go wrappers/libraries to do the same thing) to concatenate the videos so that you can upload it with the aforementioned documentation.

I think that what you’re asking can be done, but this question has proven to me to be beyond the scope of the kind of question where anyone here will provide complete working code, even if it’s just a sample. We tend to only do that for algorithms that apply to built-in types or to the standard library.

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