How to start if i already know java?

Friends, I write in Java, but I decided to try something new and learn go, what materials would you recommend, maybe some YouTube channels, courses

I came to Go after many years of Java experience. The biggest hurdle is to realize that you must not try to mimic class inheritance in Go. I learned Go from Donovan & Kernighan. It’s a little out of date now (eg., it pre-dates generics), but it still gives excellent coverage of the basic language.

I second this recommendation. One of the best books I’ve read on any language.

Hey. I will list down the resources I found helpful while learning GO
1**-Official Go Documentation:**
Go through the official Go website: it gives comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and guides.
The “Tour of Go”: It is a very useful and interactive tutorial that introduces the language’s syntax and features.
2- There is a book “The Go Programming Language” by Alan A. A. Donovan and Brian W. Kernighan. Check it out.
3- Go for online courses at Udemy
4- Youtube: I have listed below the youtubers who are good at teaching GO
1. Todd McLeod (GolangTraining)
2. Jon Calhoun (
3. Alex Edwards
4. JustForFunc
5. Go In 5 Minutes
I hope you find this information helpful

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Am also learning Go at the moment. Kernighan book is awesome (finished several chapters so far). But the exercises are a little bit “depressing” for non-tech/non-math guy😢.

Would also plus for Todd McLeod course (from Udemy - Learn How to Code)

To start learning Go, I recommend beginning with the interactive “Tour to Go” on the official Go website. It provides a hands on introduction to the language’s syntax and features. Additionally, the “Learn Go Programming - Golang tutorial for Beginners” Youtube series by Derek Banas offers comprehensive video tutorials covering the basics of Go. For a more in-depth understanding, “The Go programming Language” Book by Alan A.A. Donovan and Brain W. kernighan is highly recommended.
There is no affiliation with any of them.

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