How to save the sending emails to "Sent" folder in email client?

I am working on the email client which has SMTP package (go-mail) and IMAP (emersion) for sending and receiving the emails respectively. IMAP could read the emails from the email server. But SMTP package does not save the emails in the “Sent” folder while sending the email. How to do this with the package I am using or Is there any other package which supports this one? We have tried using IMAP Append option which stores the sent email in the “Sent” folder, but it does not have “Message_Id” and other header information which usually available in reading emails.

I could see the same option available in Roundcude email client which was developed using PHP. I do not have any idea how to implement this in Golang.

It will be really helpful if anyone give the better solution.

Thanks in advance.

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