How to run precompiled-test package without using ginkgo cli?

I have a docker image:

FROM golang:1.14-alpine
RUN apk add --no-cache make bash g++ git && \
make dependencies && \
make install && \
ginkgo build tests

ENTRYPOINT ["tests.test"]

Here tests.test is precompiled go tests.

I dont want to use ginkgo because. It is starting 2 process:

PPID - parent process - ginkgo tests.test
PID - /go/src/tests.test

When the pod terminates, ginkgo is not terminating the container correctly.
I have used go signals in the test code which handles the signal and returns correct exitCode to container.
So I directly want to use standalone precompiled tests rather than using ginkgo.

Can some one help me , as how to pass parallel run option, focus and other options to stand alone precompiled tests

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