How to run a function from another package

hi, how to run a function from another package

I have 2 files


package main (both)

then I try execute func on db.go in main.go I get error- undefined: func…,

Can you paste your code?

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Package main is a bit special. Its not meant to be split across multiple files.

Either you need to specify each file when compiling, or you need to split into different packages.

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go run main.go other.go

And so on or

go run *.go

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no, I have this structure of project


how I can properly import file db.go in main.go?

I know if I manually copy and paste file db.go in go path directory this will be worked…

but what if I just want to split the project into small files ?? How to correctly access the file in the same directory?

| db/
| | db.go
| main.go


package db

func Fn() string {
	return "Hello!"


package main

import (

func main() {

thanks for answer, I try it but fail(

Here’s a little breakdown of separating code into packages from GoStart.

A main package allows only one main function to be defined, so you’ll need to choose one single file from your main package to put it in.

See @luk4z7 for the solution, which is to create a db package and define your function in that package, import it into your main package.

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thanks all guys )) now it work!

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