how to reuse http client connection by different proxy host in golang Ask

Here is my code

I want use the code to check the availability of the proxies

After set ulimit -n 256 and run for a while i got the error socket too many open files

ll /proc/$(ps aux|grep -v "grep"|grep './main'|awk '{print $2}'|head)/fd|grep -v '\.\.'|grep -v '\.'|wc -l command output is 256, i check netstat there is many TIME_WAIT.

And i follow pprof, there is many goroutine more than queueChan length, is it mean a new request was created before the request was completely closed , is it goroutine leak?

If remove http.Client Timeout and keep transport.Dial Timeout, TIME_WAIT will be decreased´╝îbut ESTABLISHED is incresed and request does not finished when dial timeout is execed

My question is:

  • how can i close connection immediately when the request timeout?
  • different host of proxy can reuse connections?

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