How to return a value from an if statement

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
y := 3
if x := 2; x == y {
		return x
	} else {



You are not allowed to return a value in a function that is defined to have no return value.

The return x is causing the compilation error.

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@rana It depends on how do you want to handle errors. if you want to stop program execution i suggest you to check [panic and recover].
Else you can use error interface which provides a good functionality for handling errors.

package main
import (
func main(){
if …
else {
fmt.Println(errors.New(“This is a error”));

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Hi, how to then return a value from an if-statement?

can you please share a code snippet with me?

thanks for your response… really appreciated

By writing the if statement in a function that actually has a return type. main has none…

If you want to return an int, then you need to make your funtion return one:

func f() int {
  if 2 == 2 {
    return 4
  return 0

Since you have a return type specified all branches of your function need to return a value of that type.


actually, it’s really helpful. thanks

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