How to represent money amounts safely and exactly in Golang?

For this issue, i found something here :

My problem statement is : I need to store money values exact up to 2 decimal places.
Representing in whole cents (int64) seems to be an option. Can someone share if there is any other way to deal with money values in golang? maybe, a reliable datatype alternative.

Money must be stored using integers. Using the float type may cause a loss of accuracy after a long run, then you will lose a few cents.

Disclaimer: I haven’t yet used Go for currency calculation. I haven’t thought hard about this problem.

What about thinking of currency like how time.Duration is implemented? Something like this:

Thanks for reply.
I get it yes float is not an option, esp. where bigger transactions are involved.
I was looking into some better substitute to using integer

@skillian Thanks for the lead. I’ll look into it and try to see how well it goes

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