How to release go binary to github personal repo

I made a hack change in ko and would like to install my modified version with go get (I can’t just build locally because eventually it needs to go into a Dockerfile). Currently I put a hack release in 

and tried with

go get -v 

However, seems go get can’t find the binary I uploaded but still look for the official release. The output is the following

go: found in v1.9.8
go: finding module for package
go: found in v0.6.0

The changes I made are here
The package name in go.mod is updated to
How can I get go get to download my version of ko? I think I need to upload the binary to a specific location that go get can find.

I think you need to change the package name in the go.mod file.

do you mean something like this?

Can you work outside of Dockerfile (to me, a kind of release manager) for the time being? To reduce debugging considerations.

If you pull from here:, yes! Or you can use relative pathing in go.mod and point it to a local copy of the cathyzhyi/ko. Something like:

replace => ../cathyzhyi/ko

before the require clauses.

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Thanks for the help! I think I didn’t make my question clear though. I was trying to release the ko binary to github so that a container can use go get to install it.
I find a much simpler way to do it by just using wget to download the modified ko binary.

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