How to read godoc of certain release

Is there any way to read godoc of previous release instead of the latest?
For example,

if I want to read the godoc of 1.2, what should I do.

As dep is always pulling release of dependencies first, I believe it is a good practice to do use stable releases. However, how do I read godoc of releases so that I won’t use functions not released yet?

If you run godoc locally it will use the version in your gopath, which you can control. For I don’t know. It should know or learn about versions. Perhaps there is a feature request here.

Yes. doesn’t offer an option for different versions doc is very annoying. Some devs in my team keep accidentally using latest code which is not in any releases yet.

Agreed. I expect that once vgo becomes the thing, the Go ecosystem in general will become more version oriented.

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