How to quickly get help for go command

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How can I quickly get to know the go command either in terminal or IDE like goland. for example, how can I get help for runtime.Gosched() command? (I know I definately can google it :))


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You can use go doc.

go doc runtime will show you the package doc of the runtime package and a list of its functions.

go doc runtime.Gosched will show you the doc of the function.

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in go1.12.6 on Windows XP SP3 aren’t found in kernel32.dll

Sorry @rot13 for quoting you despite deleting the post, but please remember that Windows XP isn’t supported at all, Windows 7 is the minimum version of windows that is supported by go according to the system requirements:

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1.12 is 1.11 or later, so even according to the link you posted you need to get rid of XP and install Win7 at least.

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