How to properly structure my ECS so it is not as cluttered

Hello every one, here’s my issue. I am trying to make a serverside authoritative server and for that, I need my ECS. The logic is like this

The manager has a slice of components, a slice of actions, and handlers for those actions. So movement action is handled by the movementHandler and so on. The movement handler gets the corresponding index and uses it to fetch the entity’s components and does its magic. Now handler as well needs a reference to the Manager to get the slices from him. So naturally, I wanted to split them up into a new package but this isn’t the Go way of working. So I keep them all in the ECS package, but this poses another problem, cluttering. I cannot move the handler implementations into their own folder as they have to all be in the same folder. With more and more handlers it would become a disaster probably.

package ecs

type MovementHandler struct {
	manager *EntityManager

func (h *MovementHandler) HandleAction(indx uint16) {

package ecs

type EntityManager struct {
	maxEntities      uint8
	indexPool        []uint8
	lastActiveEntity uint8

	Actions []action.Action

	AttackComponents   []AttackComponent
	MovementComponents []MovementComponent
	PositionComponents []PositionComponent
	AIComponents       []AIComponent

	movementHandler MovementHandler

I am newish to the Golang and the whole ecosystem, still getting used to everything. I’d like to find a way to somehow keep them as decoupled as possible while still maintaining the way my system works at the moment.

A code is worth 1000 words so here’s the code to the project. It probably has some other issues as well regarding the structure of the ECS

Thank you very much!

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