How to pass integer value to dynamic couchbase n1ql query

My dynamic n1ql is not picking up the parameters value ,can anyone please suggest me what is missed here ? how can i pass integer values to the n1ql request ?

below is how am forming the n1ql query

queryString :="select meta().id,round((META().cas)/1000000000) as 
maxCAS,Expires from `" + configuration.BucketName + "` where 
APPID='"+configuration.APPID+"' "
queryString += "LIMIT $Limit_value "
queryString += "offset $offest_value; "

params := make(map[string]interface{})
params["Limit_value"] = Limit_value   // BOTH offest_value AND Limit_value   are 
integer variables 
params["offest_value"] = offest_value

rows, err := cluster.Query(queryString,&gocb.QueryOptions{NamedParameters: params})

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