How to make a Dynamic Body from r.Form

i am getting this values , i want to get them dynamically and be pushed as a payload in an api call
username_1 := r.FormValue(“username”)
pr_email :=r.FormValue(“pr_email”)
password := r.FormValue(“password”)
fmt.Println(“username_1------”, username_1)
fmt.Println(“pr_email------”, pr_email)
fmt.Println(“password------”, password)

What do you mean by that?

What kind of API call? Does it require a request body? How does it have to look? Is it supposed to be JSON?

And did you try anything to accomplish this? Does it work? If not, what does not work? Do you get an error?

Isn’t this the same question as I need to send Body which is in json to api call only with even less information?

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