How to learn Golang in the right order

Hello all,

My objective is to make the backend for a mobile application.

I just started to learn Golang (in my opinion it is a very nice programming language that I enjoy), but I want to learn it in the right order. So I’m coming from a background of C (5 years and only a few months on multithreading programming.)

What I have done until now:

  • Done a course that will teach me the language. (beginner to intermediate, coming from C it was fast)

What is next:
My intension is to start the backend server in parallel with a course of REST API and then learn everything else on the way by practice.

My question is: Should I do the backend server or first learn the following: design pattern in Golang, exercises and patterns for concurrency in Golang, etc. ? (you can leave a list of things that needs to practice first before starting the backend server if you have one in mind)

Thank you all in advance.

You will probably require all this to write the REST backend server. You only learn by practice and trying to write REST server is good practice. Just start and be prepared to throw everything away once you’ve learned how to do it better.

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