How to kill go routine?

Hi guys I have a problem/question. How to kill go routine ?

My example code. I want kill the go routine in worker go routine.


package main

import (

func worker(ch1 <-chan bool, ch2 <-chan int) {
	for {
		select {
		case <-ch2:
		// How to kill the go routine ?
			go func() {
				for {
					time.Sleep(0x2 * time.Second)
		case <-ch1:
			goto Finish

	fmt.Println("Closing go routine!")

func main() {
	ch1 := make(chan bool)
	ch2 := make(chan int)
	go worker(ch1, ch2)

	for i := 0x0; i <= 0xFF; i++ {
		if i == 0x5 {
			ch2 <- 1
		} else if i == 0xA {
			ch1 <- true
		} else {
			time.Sleep(0x1 * time.Second)

The simplest answer is to write your code in a way that you can send a message to your goroutine telling it to exit. You have this already with your worker, but you don’t have it for your goroutines that it spawns. What I would suggest is to create a single channel inside of your worker that can be used to exit all of the spawned goroutines. Then when your worker function gets a message on ch1, it could then send a message out to its own exit channel telling those goroutines to terminate.

Here is a slightly tweaked version of your code that does this:
Probably not the prettiest code but it is a quick and dirty example of what I mean.

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You can also use Context to cancel goroutines. (I prefer to set up explicit channels myself, though.)

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