How to install delve

I’m trying to install delve and debug my code… I seem to be doing what the github doc says but it’s not working
(go1.8 on windows)

In my %gopath% i ran “go get

and i see the new folder under src/…

but when I go in the cmd and run “dlv debug” or anything with “dlv” it says:
‘dlv’ is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.

tried running it from the GOPATH and from my project dir inside GOPATH/src/myproj

what am I missing?

go get install dlv executable in your GOPATH/bin folder. i guess you must add the bin folder to your path. anyway, is better to use the debugger from your ide (LiteIDE,VSCode,…) instead the command line.

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