How to `go get` a module from a workspace repo?

I run the following command:

go get -u

The output of the command is:

go: module found, but does not contain package

If you look at the repo in github here, it is clear that is not a module since there is no go.mod in this directory, and that is not a package since it contains go.mod. Why am I seeing this? Is it related to the file being found in the root?

I tried looking at (sorry I can’t include a link as the forum show an error when I do so), and it shows me 3 versions like v0.0.0-20231114115523-e928e15a4738, but is lacking the tagged versions in the repo.

Does it make sense? what am I missing?

I am really lost. Any help will be appreciated :pray:

I have added a tag odiglet/v1.0.0 and it seems to resolve the issue

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