How to get the great Django admin panel in Golang?

Django admin panell is one of the reasons that makes me go with it instead of Golang for my startups. Whenever I read any book about startups I must find this line somewhere in the book

“The team placed to much effort to get his own analytics reports, after weeks of hard work it paid off”

It’s like Django got all of this hard work for me and the only thing I have to do is fill it with data and put a simple form!
Is there any way for me to get the same great Django admin panel in my Golang projects?

Please do use Django for the sake of forum :slight_smile:

I was just asking if their are any libraries out there that can get me a highly customizable admin panel such as in Django

Can you use google?
Such as
Or you like to hijack the forum for every simple question that comes to your mind?
Try to achive something yourself instead of treating everyone here as your paid tutor.

Using another language for many years, I have no idea where to start or how to do in Go. Therefore I have asked many stupid questions on several forums. But on StackOverflow I do not ask any Go related questions because you are repeatedly downvoted without explanation.

About the admin panel, I do not think there are any admin panel for Go. You have to do it the hard way. I should be happy being proved wrong.


You missed my point. Everbody is here to help each other. If you write everything that comes to your mind without making a proper research, you get these kind of reactions. These kind of reactions should push you to read tons of articles about the subject not wasting anybody’s time who is really here to help.

Yes, this forum is really great. And i have got much help despite my questions sometimes where unclear. But as a Go newbie, I do not always know HOW to ask and what to SEARCH for. The vocabulary I was used to for decades, do not apply on Go. So it is hard to find anything on Google if you do not know what you search for. Common admin panels are different beasts than for an example PGAdmin for Postgresql.


Please check all his posts last three weeks. That was not a reaction given on a single question.

And come on, you can just type anything in google and find lots of releated articles such as the link in my first reply. Without proper research skills, you can’t learn anything.

If you think he has a right to write any questions he wants then i have a right to give any reaction hoping to lead him to be able to learn himself and be a better programmer.

The questions asked are about the same questions I should have asked when new to Go. Where to start? What to use? How to use? Personally I like opinion based questions X vs Y, but they are not always welcome in some forums.

It IS hard to move from a well known mature language to a new not that mature language. Sometimes you have to convince your self that the time spent to move is well spent time. If - (yes I said IF) the OP find Go worth the time, he will sure be an asset to this community.


Because Django was perfect for me, build and deploy an app in less than one day, admin pannel to help see users actions, high security by default, password hashing. But as soon as I got a 10 active users all the time the app is now sending a text message in 4 seconds, image in 10 and video between 2 to 7 minutes. Clear indecators that I have to move on from Django, but to what?
I fall in love with Golang very quickly, Couldn’t find any jobs with it as a freelancer, not many articles written about it, the official documentation is not the best but it’s good, not many resources to learn from.

What do you think, should I spend 4 months to know if I’m actually learning something that is worth it or ask someone else who did?

“Learning new programming language is never a bad thing” Well, It’s if it’s not going to help, I could rathar learn PHP, Java which would secure me many jobs as a freelancer. React Native which will introduce me to cross platform. Go? The only good thing I found about Go so far is it’s speed
I ran multiple tests between both languages (Python and Golang) to end up with only 0.3 seconds different in most cases, kept reading more about “How to make go code execute faster” To find my Go code outperformance python by 10 seconds instead of 0.5

What you think, should I learn Go for 4 months to end up with same results and spend another month or so to find out how to get any better results with performance or ask someone who had the same experience before?

Again, no good Go recourses online, No good courses for web development at all, I can’t even do a 1+1 in the template and my only resources are the documentations along with some chinese bosts
Did some Google search alread, found nothing that could serve my needs, all would require at least 1 day to set up the admin which if Sql code wasn’t set correctly simply it wouldn’t work correctly So I went here and asked “Hey, did anyone ran into similar experience? Hey did someone spend 4 months building with Go and found a library or something that can build me an X as fast as possible with maximum performance so I don’t end up learning a language for nothing? because I just searched on google and found all of them concider alot of work”

In Django I was building a production-ready app with a single line in the terminal, in Go, well 14 days rushing myself so far, was able to build a twitter clone in 4 days without users hashing and can’t even upload it. And when I do I still need to know what security options I should configure before I start using it for my startups

For the final time I will repeat the same question
Is spending 5 minutes to ask people if they wasted 4 months learning Go or it was worth it better than spending those 4 months myself and might get surprised and the end that it was A WASTE? (Of course after searching for a few hours on Google)

you never waste time learning any programming language.

my advice as last words to you, try listening to others instead of making quick judgements with superficial consumptions.

14 days rushing myself so far, was able to build a twitter clone in 4 days

this made my day :slight_smile:

I completely agree with you - There are plenty of available courses, books etc etc on Golang. I’m starting to get up to speed with the language and have found no trouble at all in finding support from online resources.

I think the Go community is much more able than most, which is why they don’t ask stupid questions very often. If this chap can’t answer the questions he posed, then he should do more research and learning.

One thing that I have noticed though is that most programmers seem to learn by doing small coding tasks that are easily Googleable.
I don’t think this is a very good way of learning. Understanding clean, maintainable and well architected code requires a depth of knowledge that Golang can help with, as it is relatively simply structured - I would not consider it an easy language as there are many subtleties. But is there such a thing as an easy language? Go helps by not overloading on language constructs.

I came across somebody on an Amazon review bitching about the unfriendliness of the Golang Community. He had come from a Micro$oft background and was asking really stupid questions too, but according to him he knew coding. I’m not sure he had mastered the art of thinking for himself.

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