How to get automatically latest download link


how can i scripted get the latest download link of go?
(i would like to automatically beein able to update my go installation. in my case i would like to get always the latest link for


This is perhaps not the answer you are looking for, but a package manager like Chocolatey can help to keep Go up-to-date at least semi-automatically. I use Homebrew on Mac (a similar concept to Chocolatey), and the latest Go release is usually available within one day or so.

The “Gopher answer”: Write a Go tool that retrieves all download links, finds the highest X.X.X value, and downloads and installs this one. :slight_smile:

didn’t know Chocolatey. Will have a look at it.

Yes i hoped that they somwhere host a “latest” link. :wink: (or an RSS feed on thier DL Site)

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